About us

AltPlay Studio is a game development studio founded by passionate game developers and artists who got more than 10 years in Game making. Our mission is to create meaningful gaming experience for the worldwide players. We are open also to collaborate with B2B who are interested to Gamify their brand or activities using deep game design concepts.

What we do

Game developement
Altplay Studios offers solutions to help you design, develop your game from start to finish. We specialize in providing end-to-end solutions for game development company
Serious Games
Serious games is the process of using gaming design elements for a primary purpose more than pure entertainment. Serious games can be implemented in different sectors as education, business among others.
Concept Art
Creating concept art is a visual process where we make basic sketches, polish them and then create finished artwork for the game with color rendering.

Our last work

CIH City

CIH City is a mobile advergame made for CIH BANK. The goal of CIH City is to introduce the CIH Bank branding and services for a young Moroccan audience, trough a fun and addictive mobile game. 

Attijari City

Attijari City is a business game we developed in partnership with Attijariwafa bank the first bank of Morocco. The game aim to teach financial banking concepts and entrepreneurship values by building your city. For this first edition, Attijari City game was released for 8 Moroccan universities trough a competition. 

Concept art

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Boulevard Dammam, Bureau 324 3ême êtage ,Technopark Casablanca 20000.

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For more information, or you want to show us your work, please do contact us.