Game developement
Altplay Studios offers solutions to help you design, develop your game from start to finish. We specialize in providing end-to-end solutions for game development company. We adapt to the latest game development tools and frameworks in the industry and we work with game engines like Unity3D, and Unreal as well as technologies like HTML5 to build high quality games.
Gamification is the process of applying game mechanisms to non-game context: business, production, sales, education and marketing. Based on simulated motivation, encouragement, addictive drive for completeness and progress, these methods allow you to get a concrete rise in the efficiency of any process at minimum cost. More than just Badge, Point and leaderboard. Altplay studio use deep game design concepts from complex video games to solve problem in other contexts
Interactive experience
Using Game developement tools and framework such as Unity3D, Unreal and HTML5 we can develop complex interactive experience on different devices Mobile, Pc or VR and AR, for Art performance or Technological showcase among others context.
Pre-production art
Every video game journey start with an Idea. We help you translate that theme through visually appealing concept art and illustration. Creating concept art is a visual process where we make basic sketches, polish them and then create finished artwork for the game with color rendering. We make multiple iterations of each idea to fully explore all creative possibilities so that our clients have the flexibility to choose the direction that appeals to them the most.

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